Censorship and suppression are a growing threat!

Censored Books, suppressed books, banned books, and outlawed books need your help!

In some countries the government outlaws books and imprisons authors, publishers, and book distributors.

In other countries private businesses give in to pressure and suppress book distribution. These banned books might not disappear altogether, but it becomes very hard for the average person to find them.

That is where this web-site enters the picture. Censored-books.com provides a central source location and it strives for search engine optimization (SEO) both for itself as a web-site and for the individual book titles.

Publishers, authors, and private individuals are urged to submit listings for books that are outlawed, banned, censored, or otherwise suppressed. Note: There is NO cost or obligation!

Our operational costs are covered by the sponsorĀ Zensurfrei.com.